The Half-Life of Ruby Fielding by author Lydia Kang

Coming Spring 2022!

1942, Brooklyn, New York.
In the throes of World War II, New Yorkers are doing what they can to help in the war effort, from buying bonds to plane spotting on rooftops, and even building their own personal bomb shelters.

Brother and sister Willliam and Maggie Scripps are trying to survive in their own ways. Will is determined to make himself a necessary part of the Manhattan Project, and shy Maggie has joined the ranks of women welders at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. But when a mysterious woman shows up unconscious at their doorstep, they can’t help but get involved. Maggie and William wonder if they’re harboring a spy.

When the truth finally comes to light, someone will have paid the price of the threesome’s secrets with their life.

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