July 1, 2020  from Lake Union Publishing

Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 978-1542017794


CD Audiobook Edition ISBN: 978-1799755401

Opium and Absinthe centers on a wealthy young New York heiress battling a morphine addiction and confronting a series of vampire-like slayings after the first publication of Dracula.

New York City, 1899. Tillie Pembroke’s sister lies dead, her body drained of blood and with two puncture wounds on her neck. Bram Stoker’s new novel, Dracula, has just been published, and Tillie’s imagination leaps to the impossible: the murderer is a vampire. But it can’t be—can it?

A ravenous reader and researcher, Tillie has something of an addiction to truth, and she won’t rest until she unravels the mystery of her sister’s death. Unfortunately, Tillie’s addicted to more than just truth; to ease the pain from a recent injury, she’s taking more and more laudanum…and some in her immediate circle are happy to keep her well supplied.

Tillie can’t bring herself to believe vampires exist. But with the hysteria surrounding her sister’s death, the continued vampiric slayings, and the opium swirling through her body, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a girl who relies on facts and figures to know what’s real—or whether she can trust those closest to her.

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Opium and Absinthe is a compelling historical fiction that tackles the sensitive subject of opioid addiction in a realistic but compassionate manner. Fans of Kang’s previous work will best appreciate her trademark historical-mystery plot.” – Booklist Online

“Kang’s whirlwind tour of New York in the Naughty ’90s is worth the price of admission.” – Publishers Weekly

“An impressively original, inherently fascinating, compulsive page turner of a novel, Lydia Kang knows how to hold her reader’s rapt attention from first page to last.” Midwest Book Review

Opium and Absinthe is a compelling historical fiction that tackles the sensitive subject of opioid addiction in a realistic but compassionate manner.” – Booklist

“Lydia Kang is one of the great virtuosos of the crime genre—a doctor and author, she splits her writing between historical mysteries, popular history, and young adult scifi. Opium and Absinthe takes place in 1899, where an opium-addicted heiress investigates the mysterious death of her sister by puncture wound, even as the popularity of Bram Stoker’s Dracula soars. Well-researched, grounded in the past, and ultra-relevant to today’s opioid epidemic, this one is not to be missed.” – CrimeReads

“I love that Kang writes intelligent and spunky women, while plunging me into 1800s/1900s NY, and giving me great mysteries with medical history.” – Book Riot’s Unusual Suspects

“A classic tale of horror is woven into this original and well-written story exploring drug abuse, the fettered role of women in society, and the void between rich and poor in 19th century New York. Filled with intrigue and surprises right to the end. A great read!” – Gemma Liviero, author of In A Field of Blue

“Fascinating, funny, thrilling and even a little scary, OPIUM AND ABSINTHE is a rare treat. Wonderfully written, and meticulously researched, OPIUM AND ABSINTHE, is a page-turner that left me wanting more.” – Eoin Dempsey, author of White Rose, Black Forest



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